Avantages de réserver avec nous

Meilleur prix garanti

Nous vous assurons les prix les plus bas du marché, et si vous trouvez un meilleur prix, nous l’égalerons. Vérifiez avec notre équipe les conditions.

Sans paiements anticipés

À la différence de nombreux sites internet, le paiement de votre séjour s’effectue intégralement à la réception de l’hôtel, vous n’aurez rien à payer avant votre arrivée. (Sauf périodes indiquées)

Annulation jusqu’à 72 h avant l’arrivée

Vous pouvez annuler votre réservation jusqu’à 72 h avant votre arrivée, sauf si elle dispose d’une autre politique d’annulation spéciale.

Offres exclusives

En réservant directement avec nous, vous pourrez profiter de remises spéciales et des packs exclusifs au meilleur prix.

Conseil direct

Nous répondons à vos questions et vos demandes directement depuis l’hôtel.

De plus, en fonction de l’hôtel que vous réservez, vous pourrez profiter de nombreux avantages aux conditions telles que des chambres exclusives, internet, transfert à la plage ou aux pistes de ski, remises sur location de voitures ou motos, etc.


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Réserver ici a de nombreux avantages

ou téléphonez

902 205 902

Déclaration COVID-19

On behalf of all the HG Hotels Team, we would like to convey our support and solidarity to all those affected by the Coronavirus.

We would also like to give thanks for the many messages of support received in these difficult times. We are not only grateful, but also proud to know that after so many years we have a great family that covers a large number of countries. Only by this way, as a family, will we be able to overcome this difficult situation.

For this reason, we are working to offer you the confidence and security to which you are accustomed, and because we know that when you need us we will be prepared.

Our establishments have a series of advantages that give us a full confidence in being able to guarantee our customers´ security. With this in mind, we are implementing the following measures:

All our beach hotels are equipped with kitchen and kitchenware, which allows you to choose the pension option you prefer. For this reason, we have extended the option of booking in Room Only, by offering new breakfast cards, without supplement to Room service, to enjoy it in the restaurant or in the apartment, We will also keep our restaurants open, so if you prefer to book your stay with breakfast or half-board, you will have more space and security, as we are expanding spaces, service hours and promoting table service or show cooking.

Another important advantage is the capacity and distribution of our small or medium establishments, which offers great independence. In most, you have direct access to your apartment from the street without having to go through the covered service area. With this same objective, we are working to make the registration and check out procedures as flexible as possible.

You will also have different cleaning options, with more or less frequency, so you can choose the one you prefer and that makes you feel more comfortable.

Our main concern is that you can enjoy your holidays with the peace of mind you feel at home.

And our priority is to guarantee the safety and well-being of everyone, customers and employees. To do this, we will implement the protocols recommended by the Health Authorities, by training our staff, expanding the work team and equipping them with all the necessary.

Now,more than ever, we value your confidence and hope that, thanks to everyone's effort, we will be soon enjoying great family moments again.

See you soon!